Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shear Genius

Tabitha from Season 1.

This is how much hair they had to work with last week on the Red Carpet challenge.
They weren't allowed to cut only style.

Charlie has immunity.

This week they play cut, color & style while playing musical chairs without the music.

Koolaide red ??

Working with other stylists was the goal.

Dee, from Miami wins the shortcut challenge
& has first choice in client
plus she chooses clients for the others.

Allure magazine cover is the prize for the next challenge.

They are suppose to teach the client how to style their hair at home.

Go shake it !

The elimination is tomorrow when the client returns to style their hair without help.

Nicole plays it safe.

Nekisa the humble one.

Further inspections are required. The judges want to touch the hair.
One styling time went from 40 minutes to 23 minutes.
One was scrunch n go.
1 hour style dropped to 8 minute style.

Glenn wins...

The bottom 3 are

Charlie, Meredith & Nekisa.

Meredith goes home & blames it on straight haired people not GETTING curly hair.

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