Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Project Runway 5

He's named after a fabric
and has a blue suede mohawk.

Former model Jerell makes his own clothes.

Heidi or Mrs. Seal
LOVE that apple green dress.

Tim Gunn - mentor
"Make it Work !"

starts with a meet & greet on the roof.
There are 8 men & 8 women contestants.
Or designerestants...

It's a grocery challenge with guest judge & diva Austin Scarlett
who won a challenge with his cornhusk dress in Season I .

Shower curtains, mop heads, kale, tomatoes, trash bags, vacuum bags, coffee filters
bleach & plastic balls are chosen.

Ooops...lots of slackers picked tablecloths.

They are popping the plastic balls.

Stella is freakin' cause her fabric is trash....yea trash bags....really thin trash bags.

The Kathy Griffin commercial is funny. She wants to be Oprah in Mexico.

I think Jerry, Stella or Blayne is going home.

Butt ugly or super hero playboy bunny outfit.
Which will be trashed ?

Korto is in along with Blayne & Daniel.

Keli wins & has immunity.

She designed the bleached vacuum bag skirt with coffee filter top.
Hopefully, they will add a picture next week.

Jerry is out & has to clean out his space.

Previews - A Taradactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park ....

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