Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lamb's Ear ...

Planted some of this at our house.
Can't grow hostas, but can grow these.
The leaves feel soft like lamb's ears.
Dh sprayed some cause he thought they were weeds.
There will be a spike with small purple blooms.
But they are mostly a small bush of leaves.
Watering from the top will rot the leaves.
Water weighs down the leaves & causes them to rot on the ground.

Lego Scale : 80


Darla said...

Lush! Does it bloom?

Abbreviated said...

Found this :

"Although not grown for its bloom, lamb's ears does produce light purple flowers on tall spikes. It is grown for its silvery foliage, which has a velvety feel to it. The shape and feel of its leaf readily explains how lamb's ears got its name. Lamb’s ears plants are deer-resistant; apparently it is this same velvety feel that makes lamb's ears unpalatable to deer."

Maybe you could plant some around your garden since they seem to be deer resistant.