Sunday, March 23, 2008

Declutter...organize...donate / Hearth & Harmony

Need to organize or move.

Until 13 years ago we moved on average every 3 years. In that time we've also doubled the number of boys & added a grandson. Plus, lived through 2 add ons. This house was originally a 2B/2B/2car garage. Now it is a 4B/2B/1 car garage w/an office.

The second bath is odd. It was the utility room w/shower, dbl sink, & toilet. No shelving, medicine cabinet or mirror.

The main bath is HUGE. Big mirror & a wooden tanning bed. The closet has no door & the 2 top shelves are used for linens & the rest are clothes for 3 boys & our grandson.

Need to finish remodeling older part of the house. New carpet, take off popcorn ceiling, & new kitchen counter top. Just need some $ ! Have closets upstairs that are under utilized. The closets in the original house are brimming.

Before, I guess I would
declutter, organize & donate every 3 years minimum. Now we homeschool so have lots of books. Need 2 of some things since we live in the country.

Cleaned out the under stairs closet today with help from 1 kidney boy. Moved games upstairs & high so 4 yo grandson has to checkout games. Moved winter coats upstairs to 2 bedroom closets. Moved shoes that are too small to garage to save for younger boys & grandson. Put hats & gloves in a backpack. Need shelving built since it is basically a box with a door. Probably add a clothes rack at the top.

Before: What could be under all that ?
Empty box...
Almost done...

Walla...rod across top with shelf.Keep opening door & looking in cause I can't believe it !!

Did find
Spiderman Lego man that was MIA. Put all ball gloves, balls & outdoor games in a container. Put mud boots & insulated boots in another container. Found a large basket & put it by front door for shoes.

Linen closet in main bath with no door ...Right side shelves ....

The main bath closet was organized last week. Teen took any outgrown jeans & winter shirts upstairs. Re organized underwear & sock baskets. Teen now has a work shirt pile, jean pile, town shirt pile. Emptied a suitcase & had room to store it in there. Need to think of something to store in it.

Also moved grandson's clothes pile from computer/school/office room to closet. Used empty boot boxes to put his underwear & socks in under the sink. His pull ups went into a wire basket under sink also. This cleared up 2 baskets & space on the tanning bed.

Put all belts in a drawer. All pjs together. Dress up costumes in one place. Arranged winter clothes in the back of the shelves & put summer clothes in the front.

Linen closet with curtain closed...

Right side shelves for 3 boys...
Winter clothes in back of shelves & summer in front.

Under one double sink...

Lego Scale: 99


Sue said...

I wish I could get so much done! I should take a picture of my laundry room one of these days. It's scary.

Abbreviated said...

Should probably call this decade cleaning.

Most people would have done a little at a time.

But no not me !

I sure am sore.