Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bluegrass refugees ...

Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival
is coming this weekend.

For the first time in it's 30+ years there will be no camping on site.
Hurricane Ike rain caused the river to flood the fairgrounds.

Land rush participants had come early to set up camp & had to be evacuated.

There are campers all over town. Saw some at Dillon's & Wal Mart parking lots.
There are some at the park by GE & Rubbermaid.
Most moved out to the lake & over to Oxford.

Been told that the music at camps is the best part of the festival.


Christine said...

I've been to this festival in past years! I can't believe there was no camping. There are so many people who go to this thing every year; I'm sure they didn't know what to think. But the music played on, I'm sure.

Abbreviated said...

There was camping at the lake & in Oxford.