Friday, August 8, 2008

Honda Odyssey ... Fight the Frump with Fussy

Traveling in style !
This is the last van I hope we ever own.
It is Slate Green & a 2005.
Our youngest is 9 so I figure it is a good bet this van will
be our last van.

My next car better be a red sports car !


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Yeah, Honda Odyssey drivers UNITE! I've owned mine since the year 2000 when my son was born and we regularly had 6 people to drive around. It was great back in the day of lots of young ones in the house.

I am seriously thinking of selling it this fall. Most of the time these days it is just me and my son in it and I feel like I am driving a motorhome. I'd love a zippy little car to buzz around in! :-)

Happy day to you,

Elizabeth Channel said...

After three years, I've finally embraced the van.

That courthouse thing is funny...reminds me of my town...

Look forward to reading more of your blog!