Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sites in New Orleans ...Town Without a Zipcode...

I'm walking back from the French Quarter to the Riverside Hilton & this long train filled with circus cars travels slowly west. I dig out my camera & start shooting. Should have taken pics of the people stopping & staring just like me. On our way to the airport we saw where they set up tarps & had the elephants tethered outside the NO arena. Looks like the Red Tour came to NO.

New Orleans Arena
New Orleans, LA
Jun 25 - Jun 29

If you are like me & do neither zoos nor the circus here is the
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® online store.

Show & ticket info by state.

The Gold tour LA schedule.

The Red tour will be in KC in Sept.

Blue tour will be in Tulsa, OK in Oct.

Want a job with the circus ? Write to this address in Virginia.

Looks like there was a Mr. Barnum, a Mr. Bailey & 5 Ringling Brothers.

Lego Scale : 0
Saw a casino,
enough food portions to feed me for 3 days,
pecan pie with chocolate drizzle AND whipped cream,
artichoke soup,
carbroiled oysters,
Saks 5th Avenue store,
a message chair,
but not one lego.

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The Apron Queen said...

My grandmother lives in Venice, FL. It is near the winter home of the RB B&B circus. As a kid, we made a whole day of it when the circus came home for the winter. It was kind of like a parade. Everyone woud line up on the side of the road w/ chairs & everything. It was fun to watch the people & animals unloading from trucks & trains.

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