Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shear Genius II ...or HI HI cap

Jaclyn Smith


Shear Genius

Hi Hi

Rene Fris

from Denmark
is a judge.

David from Dallas is a style contestant & saying he is excitable is an understatement.

I'm bald so I always wear an accessory
Charlie the up do King.
Another syle-estant.

Matthew went home this week to his wife. He was homesick & wifesick. He really really missed his wife. He won a challenge in the first hour only to turn around & not listen to his client when she said her loooong hair would NOT hold curls. He ended up with a Red Carpet droop do instead of an up do.

This is Kathy Griffin's little sister, Meredith from Chicago. Not really, but she sure looks like she could be.

I'll introduce the other style-estants next week.
There is one other male stylist & 5 more women.
Lego Scale : 0

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Hooked on Houses said...

I only watched this show once, but it was pretty entertaining. It was the episode where they styled the Housewives of Orange County. Some of the results were pretty awful. And in a few cases, the wives looked almost exactly the same to me before and after! -Julia