Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Would love to have just 5 of these platters to place above an opening.
Lego Scale : 6


Colleen said...

I'm thinking of taking my oldest to a "paint-your-own pottery studio" to have him paint a platter to be used as art. Would be fun and I *know* at three he's in his "abstract" period. :O)

Abbreviated said...

Around 4 years old all 4 of our boys did a self portrait.

I framed the youngest two & hung them in their room.

Darla @ UltraBeautyBoutique said...

Where did you find these platters?

Can you e-mail me with the place?

Susie Harris said...

love those plates... hope you get your five... Susie h~

Kim H. said...

Seriously, those are gorgeous! I too, hope the perfect 5 you're looking for - just for the perfect opening you have to fill! :)

Great use of random pieces. So pretty!

Abbreviated said...

Those platters are really pieces of art. They start at 80$ & go up.

A man handpaints them.

Can't remember his name.

Ree/Pioneer woman has one of his large platters with a cow painted on it.

I'll probably just have this picture of platters !

If I did purchase 3. Someone would throw something, knock it off the wall & break it.

Wonder if they come in plastic ?