Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lone hitching posts ...

Cropped & uncropped pics of single hitching posts.
Been fascinated with hitching posts since moving here.
Remember calling around to antique stores to inquire if they had any for sale.
Don't remember seeing a square one.
These are located on the main east & west road.
Had to pull over to take the pics from across the street.
This has been a Wordy Wednesday post.
Lego Scale : 5


Sprittibee said...

They are all the rage lately in new developments... hitching posts for police horses. Even in big cities like Houston (third largest in the US), you can find places with hitching posts. I was infatuated with a little cemetery in Arkansas that had a buggy road (too small for a car to ride on).

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I missed out on WW today. Maybe next week. I got a photo today at lunch I might use next time.

Susie Harris said...

Those are way cool. I never really thought about them before now. If I ever come across one I will be sure to pass the info on to you. Smiles, Susie H~

Jen said...

So are these old hitching posts that have been there for ages? Some of the houses don't look old enough. Huh...just curious. I love old stuff with cool stories.

Love the name of your blog. Sometimes I feel like I'm buried in trains and littlest pet shops! :)

So glad you stopped by my little home on the web. Hope you'll visit often! :)

Abbreviated said...

Some on 9th, a main road through town, were probably there before the homes were built. On one block there are 2 old homes, one on each corner. With a huge yard in between. On most blocks newer homes were built between the older ones. So there is hardly any space between homes. Ninth street is a mish mash of homes.