Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kitchen Countertops ...Thankful Thursday

Sorry, no before pics. Just use your imagination. We've been here 14 years now.
I moved off counter :
large oval crockpot
Vitamix w/pitcher
Dish rack w/display of cups covered with recipes & cookbooks.
Recipe books

Moved toaster over by microwave.
Moved bread box across to the other side of the stove.
Silverware drawers wear out & squeak so I keep mine in cups & holders.
Moved bread maker & coffee pot over to corner.
Put some kosher salt in a bowl next to stove.

Need to replace the ugly florescent lights.
Unplug smaller appliances.

Thankful I'm not the only one who cleans the kitchen !
Someday soon we will start remodeling kitchen.
Need to lighten up cabinets.
Want a new stove.
Need to decide to keep the serviceable butcherblock countertop & backsplash.
Do I replace both or just one ?
New flooring will extend out kitchen into dining area & back into utility/bath area.
Popcorn ceilings will be scrapped off & textured then painted.


pamibe said...

Congrats!!! Looks lovely!

Abbreviated said...

Thanks !

5151 Mommy said...

I think maybe I have been de-lurked? : ) Thanks for stopping by and very nice kitchen! Enjoy!

Darla @ UltraBeautyBoutique said...

14 years in one house - I can't imagine. I think you should replace both the countertops and backsplash while you are under construction - vs trying to do them seperate (cuz you know you'll want the other done once one is done). said...

WOW!!! A kitchen remodel - yes, get rid of those popcorn ceilings (don't they cause cancer?)

Marianne Thomas said...

Your blog title made me laugh out loud...Legos and I have a love/hate relationship!

Counters look great!

Thanks for stopping by Writer-Mommy!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I know it drives my Hubby crazy when the kitchen counters are buried. I'm doing better at putting small appliances away. Right now it's just all the paper mess!

Have a great Sunday!