Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mini Mansion ...

This use to have a wall all the way around.
Or maybe it was a fence.
What ever it was it gave an aura of mystery.
Now it has been outed for the beauty it is.
This is on the southwest corner from the dogwood house.
There are 3 large homes on that block.
The one next to the dogwood & behind this one is surrounded by over grown shrubbery.
Will have to drive by the southeast corner & refresh my memory on what is built there.

Lego Scale : 11


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thank you for stopping by to visit my patio! HOpe you'll come back again.


Liz said...

Wow, beautiful home.

Oliver's said...

Yes that is old ceiling tin. I purchased this shelf in an antique store here in Ok. and I was told it came from an old bank somewhere around here, I think from the early 1900's
Thanks for stopping by, Paula

Darla @ UltraBeautyBoutique said...

WOW, I SO WANT to live in that house.