Monday, June 2, 2008

Make Me Laugh Monday !

US Candidates Paper dolls ...
Fold a Candidate
I think political humor is funny !
Plan on making these for grandson to take to show & tell.
Lego Scale : 11


Alicia said...

Political humor is funny, and a great relief from what is really an unfunny situation.
My brother and his "partner" are coming to visit soon, and I am really interested in hearing what they have to say now that Obama is clearly racist. Should be interesting. (most people in my circle are conservative, so I don't hear much about the "other side").

Abbreviated said...

Needed humor today since I've been without internet since Sunday @ 9 am.

Let me know what the other side is thinkin' !

Anonymous said...

OH MY Word! Those are the funniest thing ever! Thanks for sharing!

Abbreviated said...

Wonder if they will edit this or will we self edit with our scissors ?