Friday, June 27, 2008

Fight the Frump With Fussy

Looked in my phone book today for competitors to AT&T. There was quite a list. Picked the one that sounded nicest. Called Sage & switched phone carriers. Just like that. No contract . Even have a 5$ off each month for 6 months. I'm saving 17.51$/mo. Or 210$/year. Plus 30$ during the first 6 months.

Now I can pay for these ! Red sandals from Aerosoles. Fighting the Frump just became more cost effective.

Were you wondering how landlines & FFwF were related ?

Here's my logic ...

It was a good thing I saved on phone service since I purchased the sandals in New Orleans & they came via UPS today. Didn't have room for them in my suitcase & the store didn't have a 7M in the red. They were shipped from Chicago to Kansas.

Been awhile since I've had a red pair of shoes.

Can't wait to wear them !

If I can boost our cell transmission we could be one of those homes without a landline. Our oldest son is 22 & he has never paid for a landline.

Do you have a landline ? Who is your provider ?


kimpriestap said...

We must have a landline for our business, which is through a local phone company. My husband and I also each have a cell phone that we get through AT&T. Up where we are, there are only two carriers to choose from.jxghtog

Darla @ UltraBeautyBoutique said...

We have a landline. We use Qwest (US West) cuz it's the ONLY option for landlines. I'm too nervous to be without a landline, I'm old fashioned. ANd because we do this we get our DSL internet for $23 (or $26) a month.

I rarely use my cell phone. Infact when the contract comes due (in 9 mos) I think we may both go to trac phones because neither one of us use our personal cell phones. Silly waste of $70 a month.

Oh and with all my savings yesteray, I bought a pink lemonade boutique tote. ;)

Abbreviated said...

Could have combined AT&T & DISH, but we weren't new customers. They are working on an old customer package.