Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Leaning building

Had a wind claim on this out building.
With a 1,000$ deductible it wasn't much, but it adds up.
We can tear it down before it lands on a beltie.
Neighbor use to park vehicle during hail storms.
Now it is only used for shade.
This has been a Wordy Wednesday post.
Lego Scale : 10


Songbirdtiff said...

I'm sorry to hear about your building. I hope you're able to get it torn down before it lands on something. :)

BTW, I followed a link from Blissfully Domestic to read your blog.

Abbreviated said...

Thanks !

I commented on your's also. We had the same idea to hang our earrings on.

I forget about that building since it is on the other side of a large Morton Building & don't drive that way to the black top & town.

At least we won't have to paint or roof it again.

Reynie said...

Hey there! thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you!

Love the beltlies... cows? my uncle has a dairy farm with lots of moo-moos. I've always wanted my very own but hubs used to work local dairy farms growing up and says NO WAY--too much work! all well. i guess i just have to admire uncle's cows!

Abbreviated said...


Our belties are beef. No milking involved. There is a Dutch belted dairy breed.

Beef belties are double haired & LOVE the cold. They are also very lean since they don't need as much fat to keep warm.

Jessica said...

We have a building or two that needs to come down--the wind is tearing away at the windmill, but leaving the things we want blown away alone. Dumb wind.

I love Oreo cattle. :-) We raise Gelbvieh