Thursday, May 29, 2008


As Sawyer would say his Kenny Rogers look.

Remember when Jeff Fahey starred in the 1995 TV show The Marshal ?
Now he is playing Frank Lapidus the helicopter pilot from the freighter on LOST.
It took me awhile to recognize ole blue eyes under all that facial hair.
But that voice kept talking to my brain & it was familiar.

According to IMBD JF is one of 13 children. Was invited to take ballet and instantly caught the bug. Despite being 25, he won a full scholarship to dance with the Joffrey Ballet in New York City. Taught ballroom dancing. Danced with the Joffrey ballet for three years. JF is on myspace, @
He is single. I am not.

Clean shaven JF pic from : Hairy JF image from

Before the finale started tonight I didn't really care who is in the coffin. Just wanted to know where Sawyer, Jin, Locke, Desmond, Penny, Juliet, Vincent (the dog), Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, Rose & Bernard are now.

Now we know the guy in the coffin was Locke or Jeremy (Kate dislikes me) Bentham. Why the name change ? Why did he come back and how did he die ? If returned to the island will he be undead ?

Do Aaron, Desmond & Frank have to return also ?
Did Jin survive the blast ?
What happened to the people on the raft with Daniel ? Did they go with the island?
Where was Charlotte born & why does it matter ?
Miles stayed, but why? Cause he hears dead people.
Will Michael show up on the island ?
What about Vincent the dog ?

So the 6 make it off the island then have to find it, return & buddy Ben will help.

Maybe the name of the series should be changed to Questions.

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Lego Scale : Named them all Jeff !


Donna Boucher said...

Oh my gosh. I did not know Frank was Jeff F.
I noticed his pretty blue eyes last night.

Could Charlotte be Sawyer's daughter?

I think the Six will go back and go back in time and bring everyone home. (pre ship exp., pre island move, and Locke will be alive and even Charlie.... just a hunch.)

Reformed Grits said...

Wow it's hard to believe that is Lapidus!!!!!!! Totally looks like a different person!!!! Hm. Wonder if they use that in the show somewhere? Do you know? Like have him look clean shaven and "unrecognizeable" one place but now he's a wildebeast? Hmmmm....
Thanks for the info!

Cassie said...

I think Aaron has to return because he was one of the six, but not Desmond or Frank. But it leaves me wondering if Walt needs to return. It was kind of sad that no one ever went to visit him!

I really don't see how Jin could have survived the blast, but as my husband said, stranger things have happened on that island!

I have so many questions too! It seems like so long to wait to get them answered!

Mrs. N. said...

Great post. Yep, we get 20 more questions for every answer

Abbreviated said...

Donna -

Forgot about Sawyer's dd.

Kept wondering if Charlotte was Sun & Jin's dd since she spoke Korean, but with her red hair & freckles it would be a genetic miracle.

Interesting last session thoughts. So Claire would be pregnant. Would she & Charlie ever meet ?

Reformed -

Pretty sure I would have picked up on a clean shaven JF !

His filmography is expansive & he's traveled all over the world to make them. Haven't watched many of his movies. He did say he enjoyed being in one place to work. Hawaii in a trailer isn't a bad place to work !

Cassie -

Jin just has to be alive. Although that freighter sank fast.

Abbreviated said...

mrs. n -

Thanks for commenting !

Stella and Thomas said...

I think Jin is alive. I think Christian Sheppard showed up and took them back to the island before the boat exploded...just my own thought:-)

Abbreviated said...

Do you think Sun will return with her dd ?

Jen said...

I totally agree with you about renaming the show "Questions". I go back and forth between hating the darn show and loving it! The finale was awesome, but it will definitely be a lonnnngggg wait until next season!

Life In Progress said...

That Kenny Rogers just killed me. Love your recap!

runningamuck said...

Love the recap. And I would never have figured out who Frank was on my own. I kept thinking he sounded familar!

And now the waiting begins... =0(

Angela said...

Such a long wait until next season to answer the newest questions! I kinda think Charlotte may be Annie, Ben's friend from his childhood?

Abbreviated said...


Thanks for visiting & commenting !

Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...

frank is a hottie

Abbreviated said...

Mrs. Fussy -

Thanks for taking time out from new baby boy & commenting !

Darla said...

I cannot believe that is the same guy.

Mamacita said...

oh wow! I cannot believe that's Frank. What an observant eye you have!
I have a theory that Charlotte might be Annie. She has red hair and is now saying she was born on the island...