Thursday, April 24, 2008

ExWitch Ministries

ExWitch exists

to accomplish the following goals:

win Pagans and occultists to faith in Jesus Christ

disciple any Christians in the ministry’s sphere of influence

educate Pagans, the Church, and the public about the occult in a fair, truthful manner

equip the Church to do the same work

encourage cooperation between like-minded ministries and organizations

Lego Scale : 2


Darla said...

My understanding is that not all pagans are witches.

I have a friend who is a struggling christian and also practices "some" paganism (word?)....she does not practice witchery to the best of my knowledge.

Am I all washed up here? This is confusing to me.

Abbreviated said...

I don't know enough either that is why I posted this forum option.

It has been about 3 years since I posted or read on there.

They would probably be able to help more than I.

It looks like the forum founder is moving on to another ministry.