Friday, April 25, 2008

Early onset Klutzeimers ?

Since I am one year away from being half a decade old and I've fallen twice this month...the month of my birth no less....I'm wondering if I have early onset Klutzeimers ?

Pause for rabbit trail musings....

Maybe I just invented a word. Is the word inventor credited when a new word is inducted into the dictionary ? Is there a party ? Did a google search & so far no one else has coined this term. Would you like my autograph now or later ?

Back on the road....

Earlier this month we were decluttering. Had pulled out two extra long kitchen drawers to empty them. Then I left them, hoping & praying they would pick themselves up & roll right back where they belonged. They must have not been happy with my neglect & planned a midnight leg attack, just typed attach, cause they inched into my path one night in the dark & I tripped, caught myself on a chair, but ended up with bruises & knots on both legs. Not to mention feeling stupid. At least I didn't look around to see who had witnessed it.

This week our indoor trampoline jumped out in the dark & grabbed my leg, then tried to body slam me to the ground. Caught myself with my knee before my face hit the carpet. have a skinned knee, bruises on my bruises & more knots. What are those knots anyways ? Do I want to know ? Is it pooled blood under the skin ? I'll stop now.

It could be MS. Maybe I need an MRI & a neurologist or a neurologist then an MRI.

It could be "turn on the lights 'idiot friend' on your way to bed". Name THAT cartoon !

For now let's just call it klutzeimers....denial is good...for a while at least.

...idiot friends...idiot friends....idiot friends.

Lego Scale : 0


Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, I laughed so hard at this. Bless your heart! I was born klutzy and can trip over lint, so God only knows what the years ahead have in store for me!

I like the term you coined. I think it'll catch on! -Julia

MommyTime said...

Excellent new term! Thanks for visiting my place and commenting too.

Worlds Greatest Mommy said...

I'm a natural klutz, and if it gets worse with age, me, and everyone withing a ten mile radius are in for big trouble!

Thanks for the laughs.

Storm said...

Klutzimers... hilarious!

Abbreviated said...

Can't wait for next weeks funny.

Gonna need to google additional Mr. Linky categories.

This one has been fun.