Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ear Candling ...

When we have ear aches or sinus problems we use ear candles. Most times one candle will treat both ears.
Ear candling pictorial ...

Look at the above pictorials. There are 2 pages. We do this on our side & use a paper plate with a hole cut in middle to catch ash.
The new candles show where to stop burning. Extinguish & open up with scissors to see the gunk.

Anyone else use ear candling ?

Afterwards I add oil. Have to go look up what kind I use.Don't burn you area rug like we did.

No Legos were burned during this post.


Darla said...

We HAVE done this. It worked better on my husband than on me.

We didn't light anything on fire (only by the grace of God, trust me on that one. LOL)

Abbreviated said...

THAT would be embarassing. Firetruck showing up at your house !!