Saturday, March 15, 2008

Less is More, but What about Legos ?

Having company at the end of March.

Desperately need to spring clean, declutter, organize, dust & donate in other words SCDODD...

Did some web research last night. Anything to prolong the actual work right ?

Now I have freezer envy :

Want closets like these :

Not even in the market for window treatments, but these make me think:

Found ideas for accessories :

Now I WANT minimalistic, but living with 4 males in the country & a 4 yo grandson that is in & out & lotsa Legos it just ain't gonna happen.

Pretty place, but don't see a Lego in sight :

They are probably childless.

Since we are rural we have outside clothes & boots plus town clothes & shoes. Not to mention the dust, mud & grime. We also homeschool so we have textbooks, hardback books, paperback books, old & new books. Then there are the library books, which need a temporary home.

These conceal book shelves are cool :

Time to SCDODD....

If I never return you'll find me under a pile of Legos. Yes, we have enough to bury a 4 yo boy. And those are just the loose ones.

Maybe I should change the name of this blog to "Buried Under Legos". Think Legos will sponsor me ?

Lego Scale: 99

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