Friday, March 7, 2008

How Long Have you been reading Ree ?

Country music fans are VERY loyal. Don't believe me ? Just go to the NBC/Apprentice site & read what Trace Adkin's fans write. They know he takes his coffee black. Say HOWDY to NascarHolly while you are there.

Since there is already a Trace fan site & I don't purchase alot of music CD's I thought ... don't have a blog ... what is my most recent rated G online obsession ... you got it Pdub & her living in the country.

She is one busy woman. Thought THE FANS needed a place to hang out ... Pool our knowledge ... Let each other know when we are leaning toward stalker status ...

When & how did you find PW's site ?

Whose PW ?

Ree = PW = Pdub

Ree Cooks

With lots & lots of butta ....

Coming soon ... Her Photoshop Tricks site

Since we only have Paint shop & our 4 yo grandson knows more about it than I do .... well let's just say I'll be lurking on that site.

Here is where PW fans can hang out & interact & wonder, "When will Ree post XXXI BH2TWs ?"

Who are we REALLY !

You took the survey, but I KNOW you have more to add !

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