Monday, March 17, 2008

Coming Soon ....

to a theater near you.

Ok, so it's your monitor.

Who goes to the movie theater that much anymore ?

I will send my assistants to take pictures for me.

Then I will ask them to upload them on the desktop.

Maybe I can post the pics myself. We will see.

My assistants are :

ds2 - 16 almost 17 teen
ds3 - 12.5 transplant boy
ds4 - 9.11 irish twin

Other crew :

ds1 - lives next door & is in the chair force
gs1 - 4 yo

Coming soon ...

pic of

Legos - put together & not

scdodding - progress or lack of


windows w/o treatments

Lego Scale: 50


Ingrid said...

do you homeschool? It's always fun when you first start out and people actually comment isn't it? One time I checked my email account and it said I got a 100 comments! I thought, whoa nelly! woohoo.. and then.. what the heck did I post to attract that??
Then it turned out to be 'spammer' from South Africa (I have sitemeter and it allows you to track where your posters are from, how they ended up to your site-referrals, entry and exit pages etc)..
so much for all those comments. I only deleted a few of them. Those comments were dispersed over at least 90+ posts and I wasn't going to go back and delete all of that.

Have fun being 'buried in legos'. Luckily, the legos are up in my son's room for the most part, it's my daughters stuff that ends up all over the house and hidden under couches and chairs..


Abbreviated said...

Hey Ingrid,

Yes, run an all boyz school.

Is sitemeter a free download or what ?

I "met" Ingrid on the NBC Apprentice board. She is a Piers fan & I am a Trace fan. This Th eve we will find out who wins Celebrity Apprentice I.

Visited her blog yesterday.